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As a CRO, we specialise in R&D of Topical Rx, Oral liquids and Solids products. Having a range of experience in Regulated and Non-Regulated market, expertise in M2 and M3 CTD with industries ICH Q8(R2) Pharmaceutical development with complete dossier package. 
As a Testing laboratory with State of the Art facility we have all the sophisticated equipment for your sample analysis including but not limited to HPLC, GC, UV-Vis. Parameter such as assay, purity, Impurity or Related compound analysis, Identification and tech Transfer, Certificate of Analysis Qualification
As a Training prospective we have a expertise for training students, Job seekers and Employees in Product Development and Analytical course including Theoretical and Practical training with hands on Experience on Sophisticated Lab Instruments


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Mr. D. Ram Reddy is the Sole decision taker and face of the company. With three decade experience at Balaji Amines Ltd as a Managing Director handling responsibilities for the procurement, marketing and logistics activities of the company. He has taken on a central part in setting up customer and supplier relationships with leading buyers and providers of pharmaceutical finished formulation industry, both in the domestic and also overseas. 

With Aadhaar, he stands as the Spokes Person boldly representing the development carried out at our facility. He is solely responsible for carrying forward the companies marketing for R&D products. He strengthens the company is wise decision taking capabilities and expertise with customer relations. 

D. Ram Reddy

Rajendra is the Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director at Aadhaar Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., where he is leading the company towards an R&D-centered organization, developing new financial strategies towards fast growth.

Rajendra has been in Food Industry over 35 years with Gita Group in pulses manufacturing and marketing, including industries like Maheshwari Trading Co., Radhakrishna Agro, and Natraj Pulses in India. He has been working as the Chairman of the board and Managing Director. His strengthens the company with his skill of Public Relation and experience in financial decision.


Ashish is the Managing Director and Director for Scientist Affairs at Aadhaar Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., where he is leading the company towards an R&D centered, aiming towards Qualitative Innovations, creating and executing the R&D strategies.


Before associating with Aadhaar Life, he has worked for Teligent Inc., USA as a Product Development Scientist. During the time, he was responsible for developing topical semi-solid and liquids product and did several ANDAs and Para IV submissions to US FDA.


He has rich experience in activities from formulation development to product approvals for the US market. He has managed the entire product development program from molecule supplier, product development strategies, critical steps control, risk assessment for excipients, process development, regulatory requirements and patent infringement analysis. Ashish has a hand on experience in developing topical formulation of antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-itch and burn heal. He has several publication and research papers to his credit.




Aadhaar Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd has been established in 2011, completely focused on Formulation and Analytical development and services for New Drug Application (NDA) and Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDAs). The company specializes in Topical Semi-Solid and Solutions, Oral Liquids and Solid dosage forms.


Aadhaar Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is a team ofcreative different minds working under oneroof towards one aim - Qualitative   Innovation. The company aims at fully 

serviced Formulation - Analytical Researchand Development with ICH guidelines,  cGMP and GLP development that strives  to regulatory and non regulatory market    with complete dossier package.


Reverse engineering, Formulation and Analytical Development is the key to innovation, which is done at Aadhaar using highly technical instruments with quality mind and expertise.




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